Explore our elegant collection of unique pieces, many inspired by Buddhist philosophy. With gorgeous colors, beautiful amulets and pendants, they have been crafted to be mixed together - cords, stones, silver, gold... all is permitted!

Be inspired, be stylish!

Moreover, each piece comes in a charming handcrafted pouch for convenient storage.



Beautifully handwoven bamboo baskets, decorated with a delicate tassel, a vibrant masking tape and patterned Japanese fabric. Originally used to store rice, corn or tea and often given as gifts in special events, such as weddings, bamboo baskets can be used to store many different things. This array of colorful woven baskets are guaranteed to match your household aesthetic.



An uniquely designed bamboo steamer adorned with vibrant tassels and wrapped in patterned Japanese varnished paper. Traditionally used for steaming dumplings and baos in China and other Asian countries, they have been revisited in order to become charming home decor, perfect to store basically anything, depending on the size. 



Baskets can be combined with jewelry, soaps and candles. Check out the steamer categories for the latter two gift sets. 

When choosing baskets and jewelry combinations, consider selecting them separately. 

Our jewelry comes in beautiful handmade pouches and paired with a basket - be it steamer or woven - not only does it create an exceptionally attractive package, but it also transforms into a stylish jewelry box!

Here are a few ideas to inspire you...



Inspiration is not a problem! Explore fresh arrivals with new baskets’ prints and discover the latest jewelry pieces, new colors or pendants!

Stay tuned and keep an eye out, as some items may be limited to just one piece each. Don't miss out, check back frequently!