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Our baskets are produced by Home Sweet Home, a non-governmental organization whose main goal is to help those who are homeless and/or disabled by providing psychological assistance, secure shelter, and training or employment opportunities to these vulnerable individuals.

They strive to support and guide them in successfully reintegrating to society. 

Twice a week, Home Sweet Home welcomes those with disabilities and without a home, granting them access to vital amenities such as showers, clean clothing, nourishing meals, recreational activities, and opportunities for social interaction to break their isolation. Additionally, some individuals can benefit from a training program designed to help them regain self-confidence, acquire valuable skills and receive a fair wage, all while residing under their shelter.

Upon completion of this program, these assisted individuals are fully equipped to reintegrate to society and return to work.

SAN | XIA proudly supports Home Sweet Home by donating a portion of its profits to this meaningful cause.

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