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THAO KAN Tang DUO [Even Gold]

THAO KAN Tang DUO [Even Gold]

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This elegant jewelry piece, adorned with precious stones and occasionally accentuated with delicate gold hematite, is a treasure to wear as you wish, whether as a long necklace, a double loop necklace or a multi-wrap bracelet. Stone by stone, the design delicately takes shape and becomes this versatile piece of jewel.

Completing the look, you can choose your day of the week Buddha's amulet, together with Grace medal to be attached. They are easily removable.

To enhance your style, an array of options of stones awaits your selection.


Length: 80cm
Precious stone: Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Mother of Pearl, Garnet, Black Spinel or Turquoise in 2 – 2.2mm

Complement stone: Gold Hematite

Handmade in Thailand


Buddha day amulet: this pendant features a silver colored statue of Buddha framed in an acrylic box, set within a silver gold-plated frame.

This pendant is available in 7 different poses. Beyond its delicate look, this creation holds a profound significance, featuring seven different images of Buddha, each representing a day of the week, corresponding to your birthday, symbolizing a range of personal traits and attributes.

Grace medal: Also known as the virgin Marie, appeared in Paris to Sainte Catharine and revealed the Miracle medal. People who wear it faithfully will receive special graces.


Buddha day material: Silver colored statue of Buddha framed in an acrylic box, set within a silver gold-plated frame.

Height: 1.4cm
Width: 1.2cm

(Tuesday Buddha varies in dimensions, as it is a replica of a reclining statue of Buddha

Height: 1.2cm

Width: 1.4cm)

Grace medal material: Silver gold-plated.

Length: 1.2cm
Width: 0.8cm

Handmade in Thailand


Some tips:

This piece has been strung on a wire that may easily bend. To keep it nicely shaped, store it individually in its original pouch in a circle.

For a longer life…

AVOID contact with perfume, lotion, makeup & cosmetics in general.
REMOVE jewelry before exercises that may cause sweating and before going to bed.
KEEP jewelry from getting wet: bathing and swimming.
CLEAN your jewelry with the supplied polishing cloth to restore its shiny look.

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