Handcrafted for your comfort, this delicate Japanese silk cord piece features a sliding bead for adjustable length, offering versatility to wear it as a necklace or a multi-wrap bracelet, according to your preference. Graceful tassels complement the design, adding a touch of elegance.

It is adorned with different types of pendants, like the Buddha day of the week or Emerald Buddha and many others.

All this in a variety of cord colors to perfectly match your style and in a beautiful pouch to keep it well protected.

  • 7 DAYS BUDDHA [from 1000 THB]

    These silver amulets - transformable into yellow or rose gold - are available in seven distinct Buddha poses, each corresponding to a day of the week based on your birthday. It is believed to bring protection and luck to the wearer. 


    This silver pendant features a vibrant image of Buddha in a meditative pose, adorned with hues of yellow and gold. Wearing this amulet is thought to enhance life's prosperity and provide protective benefits.

  • GANESHA [900THB]

    This silver amulet showcases a golden statue of Ganesha, a Hindu deity, identified by his elephant head. He is widely revered as the remover of obstacles and God of new beginnings and wisdom. He is believed to bring luck and ensure success.

  • 8 DIRECTIONS [from 1200 THB]

    The image depicted on this silver amulet symbolizes the eight directions of the universe, offering protection wherever your travels may lead. In the center, the yin-yang symbol, represents the balance between positive and negative forces in life, rooted in Taoism and Chinese philosophy.

  • CHINNARAT [1000 THB]

    This silver amulet features a golden image of Buddha Chinnarat. It is believed to possess magical powers, drawing together luck and strength. Specially crafted for merchants, it is said to enhance prosperity. Additionally, it has the ability to attract the ones you love.

  • SUN [1000 THB]

    This pendant features two components: an enameled circle enhanced by a stylized sun.
    Bring peps to your day, by pairing it with your favorite colored clothes to infuse your day with brightness and vibrancy !