Handcrafted for your comfort, this delicate Japanese silk cord piece features a sliding bead for adjustable length, offering versatility to wear it as a necklace or a multi-wrap bracelet, according to your preference. Graceful tassels complement the design, adding a touch of elegance.

It is adorned with different types of pendants, like the Buddha day of the week or Emerald Buddha and many others.

All this in a variety of cord colors to perfectly match your style and in a beautiful pouch to keep it well protected.



This elegant jewelry piece, adorned with mini precious stones is a treasure to wear as you wish, whether as a long necklace, a double loop necklace or a multi-wrap bracelet. The clasp has been carefully chosen and it is a jewel by itself.

Completing the look, you can choose an amulet to be attached, like Chinnarat Buddha or a duo of amulets, for example, all easily removable, in case you wish to combine this piece with other necklaces.

It comes in a vibrant pouch handcrafted of Indian cotton and Chinese cord.



This choker is exquisite, blending a variety of stones and different materials into a delicate pattern. 

The large array of colors, beads and / or pendants allows effortless pairing with other necklaces - specially the Buddha day one - and numerous outfits.

Certain pieces feature an adjustable extension chain, adding versatility to your style. Alternatively, discover items with a refined clasp that doubles as an elegant adornment.

To ensure its protection, each piece is accompanied by a charming pouch that complements the color of the stones.



Crafting simplicity and beauty is always a challenge. I believe I made it here! Explore the elegance in delicate chains adorned with captivating pendants – for some styles even two!

Inspired by the Brazilian scapular, you have the flexibility to wear one pendant in the front and another in the back, or showcase both in either direction – the choice is yours!

Why does a necklace only need to be beautiful in the front? It should be beautiful from every angle!

It is delivered in a meticulously crafted "double" pouch, for a neatly storage: half of the chain in each section to prevent any tangling.



Inspired from Buddhist bracelets, this 5-tour bracelet gracefully encircles the wrist, featuring precious stones set on elastic and adorned with a Chinese knot. Versatile enough to complement other pieces, it also transforms seamlessly into a stylish necklace.