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HOLY SPIRIT [Lapis Lazuli]

HOLY SPIRIT [Lapis Lazuli]

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This elegant jewelry piece, adorned with precious stones and occasionally accentuated with delicate silver beads from Chang Mai, is a treasure to wear as you wish, whether as a long necklace, a double loop necklace, or a multi-wrap bracelet.

Completing the look, there is a “Holy Spirit” pendant, matching the color of the stones. It is easily removable, for your convenience - in case you want to match with other pieces.

Embrace the piece and invite luck and protection to accompany you on your journey! 


Precious stone: Lapis Lazuli in 2 – 2.2mm
Length: 80cm 

Complement bead: Mini silver pieces from Chiang Mai (a province in the Northern part of Thailand)

Medal's material: Enameled Brass
Length: 1.6cm
Width: 2cm

Handmade in Thailand

Some tips:

This piece has been strung on a wire that may easily bend. To keep it nicely shaped, store it
individually in its original pouch in a circle.

For a longer life…

AVOID contact with perfume, lotion, makeup & cosmetics in general.
REMOVE jewelry before exercises that may cause sweating and before going to bed.
KEEP jewelry from getting wet: bathing and swimming.
CLEAN your jewelry with the supplied polishing cloth to restore its shiny look.

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