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Matteo is a group of 9 plastic bracelets enhanced by an amulet of Sothon Buddha, Ganesha, Luang Pu Thuat or a Buddha day. for a more sophisticated look, you can choose 7 plastic and 2 silver bracelets.


People believe that Sothon Buddha helps to avoid danger and unwanted happenings. Moreover, it can also bring properity and wealth.

Ganesha is a Hindu deity, identified by his elephant head. He is widely revered as the remover of obstacles and God of new beginnings and wisdom. He is believed to bring luck and ensure success.

Luang Pu Thuat is a revered Buddhist monk who lived in the southern part of Thailand and is said to have performed miracles. His amulet is one of the most popular and helps keep the wearer from harm, as he is known to be the master of protection in Thailand.

The Buddha day is available in seven distinct Buddha poses, each corresponding to a day of the week based on your birthday. It is believed to bring protection and luck to the wearer.


Amulets' measurements:

Sothon: 1.2 x 1cm
Ganesha: 1.2 x 1cm
Luang Pu Thuat: 1.2 x 1cm
Buddha day: 1.4 x 1.1cm

Amulets' material: silver or gold plated silver


Bracelets' measurements:

Diameter: 5.7 or 6cm

Material: can be choosen from

-7 plastic bracelets and 2 silver ones plus one amulet assorted to the color of the plastic bracelets


-9 plastic bracelets plus one amulet assorted to the color of the  bracelets

Handmade in Thailand

For a longer life…

AVOID contact with perfume, lotion, makeup & cosmetics in general.
REMOVE jewelry before exercises that may cause sweating and before going to bed.
KEEP jewelry from getting wet: bathing and swimming.
CLEAN your jewelry with the supplied polishing cloth to restore its shiny look.

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