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SAI YAT [Tuesday]

SAI YAT [Tuesday]

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In this pose, Buddha lies on his right side, with head on arm and toes parallel, symbolizing his triumph over the malevolent Asura Rahu - who represents materialism, fear and confusion - that later embraced his teachings. If you are born on a Tuesday, it signifies you are serious, active and brave.

Lucky color: Yellow

Auspicious day: Thursday


Silver-colored statue of Buddha framed in an acrylic box, set within a silver frame, that can be gold-plated in yellow or rose.
Height: 1.5cm
Width: 2.1cm
Handmade in Thailand

Sliding Bead
Handmade in Thailand

Length: adjustable up to 75cm
Material: 100% silk
Diameter: 1mm
Handmade in Japan

Handcrafted in Thailand


Some tips:

Some warping may occur due to the sliding bead on the delicate twisted silk cord.
Just iron at low temperature (silk mode) and keep it away from water and sweat.
Sunlight may cause fading, so avoid exposure to light when storing.

For a longer life…

AVOID contact with perfume, lotion, makeup & cosmetics in general.
REMOVE jewelry before exercises that may cause sweating and before going to bed.
KEEP jewelry from getting wet: bathing and swimming.
CLEAN your jewelry with the supplied polishing cloth to restore its shiny look.

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